vCenter Operations for View – a beginner’s guide to establishing an evaluation

vCenter Operations for Horizon View is an excellent tool for monitoring Horizon View environments.  Standing up an evaluation environment to monitor your own View environment is a very straightforward task and is the best way of seeing how the solution can benefit your organisation.
To get started,  go to and register for an evaluation and complete the following steps

The installation is very easy – the main vCOPS for View documentation is here:

You can just follow that but below are the steps in plain(er) English you need to follow:

Step 1 – Install the vCenter Operations vApp.

At the above evaluation download page this is the item called VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.7.0 in Virtual Appliance.  You install this and point it at your View vCenter
You  will need to follow the installation documentation here: to do this
VERY IMPORTANT – do not deploy v5.7.1 – just 5.7.0 that is available in the above evaluation URL

Step 2 – Install the vCenter Operations Manager View Adapter.

At the above evaluation download page this is the item called vCOPs for Horizon View Adapter 1.5.0.
Instructions for installing this are on page 14 of the vCOPS for View  installation guide

Step 3 – Create the Adapter Instance
Described on Page 15 of the installation guide.  Don’t forget to take a note of the Server Key Password – it will be needed later.

Step 4 – Install and Configure the Broker Agent on your View connection server.

At the above evaluation download page this is the item called vCOPs for View Broker Agent 1.5.0 64 bit
Pages 16-18 of the documentation describe the installation and configuration

Step 5 – if you are using View 5.0/5.1 you need to additionally configure the desktop VMs.
This is documented from Page 18 of the documentation.  I also wrote another blog article on this to help you along:

And that is it!

To check all is installed correctly, log into the console at https//ipaddressofvcopsui/vcops-custom – once logged in select Dashboards | View Infrastructure to open the View Infrastructure.  Assuming all is working OK the left side of the dashboard should be populated with plenty of coloured items as in the below screenshot from our demo lab – most importantly you want to see some objects appearing in the ‘View Clients’ section at the bottom which will mean the agents are working as they should.

vCOPS for View - View Infrastructure Dashboard

At this stage I usually offer to go through the console with my clients to show the main features and help them familiarise themselves with the solution.  I am sure your VMware account team or Partner would be delighted to help you in the same way so give them a call!

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